A New Adventure: Balanced Paper Mobiles

UPDATE: I have an Etsy shop! Come and check it out HERE!



I LOVE mobiles. My parents were given a whale mobile when I was born (back in good old 1984) and it is hanging in my son’s room today!

I have a mobile in almost every room in my house and I don’t think a home is complete without one! They cheer up any room and are the perfect gift for any occasion!

Mobiles aren’t just for the nursery. I am passionate about creating designs that suit any room, be it a nursery, kitchen, living room or even the office. They are a work of moving art.

Once you have a mobile you will realize how empty a room feels without one! No more naked ceilings!



You will see many amazing mobiles that are hung on circle frames, on wires wrapped together, or on dowels or branches that are tied together. This means that movement is restricted and most often these mobiles will move and sway but will eventually hang completely still.

What makes my mobiles unique is how they MOVE! They are unrestricted and can spin and turn. Because these mobiles are balanced and lightweight they are in constant motion.


The slightest air movement in a room (a current is created by a person simply entering a room) cause these mobiles to glide gracefully. They are peaceful to watch and cast incredible shadows.

Every element has been carefully selected to allow for the best movement. From the 18-gauge wire; to the lightweight card stock paper; to the spacing and balancing of the shapes; to the choice of using thread over filament wire; everything comes back to the motion and movement that results from these choices.



I share my creative process and finished products at:



And my Etsy shop is coming soon!

Love, Lou


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