The Dollhouse

UPDATE: I have an Etsy shop! Come and check it out HERE!

This is the dollhouse my dad built for my 4 year old daughter. It is his original design (the same one he used for my childhood dollhouse) and is constructed out of a single sheet of plywood.


I received the pieces of the house right before Christmas and I sanded and wallpapered them using wrapping paper and a glue stick.I tried ModgePodge but it made the wrapping paper wrinkle and warp. The glue stick seemed to do the trick and the paper is really stuck on there.


The pieces were then sent back to my dad who assembled the whole thing in time for the big reveal on Christmas eve.

The roof opens on a hinge and the attic can be used as an additional room or for storage.



And here it is in all its furnished glory!

(You can read all about the dollhouse furniture in this previous post).


My daughter loves it!

Barbie and her many children seem quite pleased with the place too.


Just for fun, here is a photo of me (age 8) with my new dollhouse.

My beautiful picture

Santa vest and turtleneck combo for the win.

Love, Lou


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