Homemade Dollhouse Furniture

UPDATE: I have an Etsy shop! Come and check it out HERE!

My amazing dad built a beautiful dollhouse for my 4 year old daughter this Christmas. He built me the same dollhouse when I was little.

I immediately went into crazy crafting mode and decided that the house needed some furniture.

First I got my hubby involved by drawing some pictures of what was needed. #ifyoudrawittheywillbuild

A few days later my hubby handed me a perfect king size bed, two twin beds and a couch.

I got out the sewing machine and with my daughter’s help (she had no idea what it was for) made some pillows and blankets.

It turns out the single beds can be used in several different combinations. How’s that for clever design!

I was planning to paint the furniture but I just loved the look of the raw wood.

Then it was time to break out the popsicle sticks and the glue gun.

First up, a crib and a highchair.

I found this great design and made a set of stylish chairs.

Next, I covered an old container and lid with fabric and added popsicle stick legs to create some small round tables. I did the same to an old iphone box lid to create a modern table.

The tables go perfectly with the chairs.


Finally my hubby cut and glued some more wood for me and I created some items for the kitchen using paint, a sharpie, some buttons, an old tin and some hooks.

To date I cannot confirm nor deny that I may have played more with this dollhouse than my daughter. I will soon post photos of everything set up in the house.

Love, Lou

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6 thoughts on “Homemade Dollhouse Furniture

  1. Hello!
    Wondering what the distance is between the floor and the “mattress” for the bed? I am making similar and couldn’t tell by your pics. Thanks!


  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas i have just started making furniture and find it hard to get free patterns, may i ask where you get the wood and what type is it/

    Liked by 1 person

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