Fireplace Update and a New Built-In

UPDATE: I have an Etsy shop! Come and check it out HERE!

After many evenings and sections at a time…

IMG_5980 IMG_5981

The whole fireplace is finally grey!

IMG_5983 I have yet to accent the stones with darker shades of grey. I am still working out my technique (totally scared to mess up all the work we have done eeeek) but will post photos when that is complete.

In the meantime my hubby has started working on the new built-in shelving.

The original shelving is dark and set way too far back in a dark corner of the livingroom. The plan is to install a new shelving unit that sits much more forward. It’s also going to be white instead of dark brown. We also have some new Ikea bookshelf lighting to help brighten up the corner.

IMG_5986 IMG_5987First step: we installed the new backing for the built-in right over the old shelving.

IMG_5988 IMG_5989Second step: add sides and shelves.

IMG_6015 Coming up next: paint the whole thing white, add the trim and install the lighting.

It is going to be quite a challenge to add the trim on the right hand side because it will have to sit right up against the rocks. Wish us luck!

Love, Lou


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